RELEASE: Afrojack – Afrojack 25th

Afrojack has more than a million fans on Facebook, a private ‘Afrojet’ to travel around the globe, and he’s a huge party maker. Efficient dance beat, bright collaborations, and just the right pinch of bling-bling, Afrojack is set to make you move your feet and body! His new album Afrojack 25th is out via Love Da Records.

Nick van de Wall commonly known as Afrojack was born on 9 September 1987. A Dutch music producer and DJ, he was listed as number 7 on DJ Mags top 100 DJs of 2011 and his 2010 entry into the poll at number 19 was the highest new entry of that year’s list.

The album title 25th represents Afrojack’s 25th birthday this year. This latest release brings together new and previous works including the track “Take Over Control,” features Dutch singer Eva Simons which charted in a number of countries. This album also sees Afrojack teaming up with the legendary Ian Carey and Snoop Dogg’s in remaking of the single “Last Night” to great acclaim. Local Hong Kong favourite, DJ Yin was also given the chance to remix the track “BangDuck” in a high octane club beat that brings back the hay days of techno and raves!

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